Written Reviews

Welcome to the Necrobase

What is it?

This website by Cheb Gonaz serves as a place to find all things good for Necromancy. At the moment just games, mods, books and videos. It has more information that the YouTube channel, but is not totally in sync with it.

What isn't it?

The Necrobase does not host any files - only information. Links to content but not hosting the content itself.

Suggest Content

Use the links below to add to the knowledge pool. Someday I will check it and approve or reject it:


Discord is a Black Hole and not web searchable

On the discord we had a channel for suggesting good necromancy stuff, but it's a pain to read through and stuff gets lost easily. You'll also never find stuff via a search engine when it's exclusively inside discord.

Written Information is Valuable

Videos are nice, but so is reading. Sometimes it is preferable to get information via text.


In order to sustain my wretched unlife, I take commissions to produce software (primarily mods). If you want custom content added to your favorite game and can't do it yourself, please consider my services. Please check the commissions page for more information and to see what I've done.